Name BrusData
CEO Annette Brus
CIO Stefan Brus
Date of birth 1958-04-29
Address Stockholm, Sweden
Languages Swedish, English

Stefan Brus

Brusdata is a family company, and has been a freetime project the last 20 years.
The idea behind the company was from the start to help a friend of the family to develop a booking system for his hairsalon, and from that time back in 1995 a just for fun developing started. You can read more about it on tab Brusdata.

May 2014

Folksam insurance

It architect

In May 2014 i attended the IASA-F foundation course for IT architects at dataföreningen in Stockholm as a representative of Folksam and was certified.

2008 -

Folksam insurance

System developer

So nothing really new, IBM mainframe with DB2, SQL, JCL, CICS but of course new systems as lifeinsurance paymentsystems for traditional and fund insurance.
And some odd old products like struko cobol, taskmaster a predessesor to CICS, sourcecode interpreted into output/input maps. JSP cobol and Casegen.
Worked with the MisLife standard 1.6.2 used when communicating with insurance brookers and "Min Pension"

2001 - 2008

Fritidsresor (TUI)

System developer - dba

Fritidsresor was a change to a completly new industry, a more fun product i must say, but also a lot to learn about the business.
The company is today a part of the travel group TUI, but the it department was very small at the time i started there,
We where about 6 mainframe developers, and what you did, really added value to the company.
The booking system was first written in assembler in the late 70's but converted to cobol.
The transaction server was Cics and the database was a changed DL1 database with direct access called HDAM named after the swede working at the IBM lab called Höglund. This DL1 version was the only one in the world and the only one knowing about it was a consultant at Fritidsresor Conny Reinsjö.
The same person who had written 75% of all code from assembler to cobol.

When Fritidsresor converted there old hierarchy database called HDAM to DB2 in there mainframe environment, i devloped a program that generated cobol programs and DDL with the copybooks as input.
After that i had the roll as DBA. The daily database mangement was placed in Germany at TUI Infotech, but when it came to developing new tables or changing old tables. Fritidsresor used this tool.

Today Fritidsresor run CICS and cobolcode on a windows server and the database is SQL server.
Before Fritidsresor decided to convert all old cobolcode to run on the windowsplatform, they also had in mind to change to some of the standardsystems being used in the TUI group.
I decided to change employer before an eventual standard system would make me out of programming tasks.
So in 2008 i saw that the insurance company Folksam where looking for it staff.

1999 - 2001

Tieto (enator)


At the end of 1998 i saw an ad with a picture of Beatles, saying have you heard them before then you might be the right person if you also know about cobol, then you could help our customers with the year 2000 threat.
The company wich advertised was Tieto and i applied for the job wich i got. My first and only consult assignment was for the travel company Fritidsresor.
I had an assignment at Fritidsresor as consultant for 2 and a half year. Then they employed me in 2001.

1996 - 1998

Wasa Insurance

System developer - responsible

In 1996 it was time to raise my salary, so i got an offer from WASA insurance that i couldn't refuse.
I started to work with a transport insurance system. Wasa used a hierarchy database from IBM called DL1.
The first year i learned about transportinsurance and did some changes to the system. New Cicstransaction program etc.
In 1997 i was responsible for the system and kept on administrating and coding.
In 1998 a project started to analyse the problems with the forthcoming year 2000. The result was a little diffrent from most other solutions.
What we did was to subtract 28 years from all dates in the database. (as you know all dates was stored with 6 char).
When showing the date to the user we added 28 years.
During the year of 1998 there was a merger of the two companies Länsförsäkringar and Wasa insurance.
Länsförsäkring bought Wasa and suddenly i was back with my former employer.
At that time i felt bored to have to go back to LF so i looked around to see if there was something else out there.


Länsförsäkringar AB

System developer

As a projectmember in Project LBIS, i learned to use a program called Forest and Trees. It was a executive information program, and one of the first datawarehouse approaches.
LBIS aggregated information from local companies in the Länsförsäkringar federation. The aggregated information was inserted into local DBF files and also stored on a AS400 machine.
The Forest and Tree application run queries and had the possibilty to describe the information with graphs and text reports.
One problem was the power of the local machine at that time, and during one demo for local executives the person doing the demo dubble clicked on a report button, and 10 minutes later the report was created. One click would have made 5 minutes ..... :-)

1990 - 1994

Länsförsäkringar AB

System developer

The Bull machine was removed from the insurancecompany Länsförsäkringar IT strategy. I translated to IBM mainframe Zos series.
The first system i started to work with was the customer information system. I learned to code cobol and the database was DB2.
The online taskmanager CICS, job control language JCL, Report utility EASYTRIEVE.

1988 - 1989

Länsförsäkringar AB


Responible for a small companyinsurancesystem. The system was developed on a Bull Mini6 machine. The operating system was called GCOS. The programming language was screenwrite.

2015 January

Released webkeytemplate

webkeytemplate is built upon the HTML5UP template Strong Type

Tried to build an easy to read manual, judge for your self if you grasp it.

This is the release 1.0 Feel free to download it.
Next is creating the HTML5UP templates. New functions batch import of images and generating image codes for the Parallelism template.

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2014 august

Grandmother 1912

Letters from Ester to Yngve

Just a simple site with lettes from My grandma Ester to my grandpa Yngve 1912.

They are in swedish ofcourse and the site is there for my relatives to read.
I don't think that Ester in her wildest imagination could think that her letters whas going to go public more than a hundred years later.

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2011 December -


CMS Content Management System

As a webmaster for the card game club "Stockholms Wirasällskap" i was used to edit the content of the homepage with Microsofts product Frontpage.
The day i got a new pc in 2010 i figured i should upgrade the product, but found out that it had become obsolete.
I started to look for some new tool that could do the task for me, and that was compatible with CSS3 and HTML5.
I wanted to run it on my pc and deploy my HTML pages via some FTP program. The ony programs i found where either simple HTML editors or expensive CMS programs like Sitoo web. Ofcourse there is wordpress but somehow i missed it........
Anyway i thought if i made something of my own i wouldn't be stuck with a program and company that could vanish in the future, and hardcode html, css did not seem as an option.
What i did was to buy a book about the news in HTML5 that tought me some basics but did not give enough info on how to connect CSS to divs.
I bought some other book and searched the net for info on web development. I thought i could use the almost same technique with templates as i had done when creating the codegenerator at Fritidsresor. (Cobol copybook as input when creating DDL)
I wanted to isolate Div tags = Layouts and connect CSS rules to them. I came across a webdeveloper MJT Mathew James Taylor that had made what he calls stacked columns, and they goes hand in hand with stacked layouts as i see them.

Webkeytemplate datamodel.
One of the things i did was to learn the data model for CSS. Selectors, attributes and values. They are child classes of the Layout class.
The layout class is a child of the page and page is child of the project.
That is that a homepage is a project and it can contain 1 to many pages. Each webpage consists of 1 to many layouts.
If you have a webpage you want to make a webkeytemplate of, you need to analyse how to slice the HTML code into layouts.
How do you decide wich parts of the webpage could fit as a layout ? I would say parts of the HTML code that is reusable, like stacked columns.
You connect the CSS rules to that layout.

There are diffrent levels of granularity, and it is possible to just attach css files to the project and not create the css rules in the webkeytemplate database.
Than you only need to add template keys for those parts of the webpage containing text and images. It gives a simple treestructure but not so flexible.

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2010 - present

Card Game Club "Stockholms Wirasällskap"


The card game Vira is an old Swedish card game with a history going back over 200 years, and the only card game invented in Sweden with high quality.
There are just a few people playing it today, but a hundred years ago everybody played it. Then Bridge took over.
You find more info in english at this site and in swedish at the card game Vira homepage

When the swedish championship in Vira is held the tournament program Viratour is used.



Tournament / Cup program

With BrusCup you create and plan tournaments with group play, qualifications and scheduling. Reports is easily created during play and the report is a html file that opens up with your ie browser. All text are in swedish and it is used and tested up to win7.

My son was playing soccer in the local soccer club and i was asked to plan a tournament. I wrote this program and it was then used for some years in the club. It's also been used by many others.
The problem with a program like this is that you need to learn how to configure it and often when the persons reponsible for the tournament realize the complexity, they are in short of time and has no time for learning the program. And it is always new persons/parents that plans tournaments in local clubs because
the kids grows up.

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